Driftless Region Beef Conference Jan. 25 – 26, 2024

Extension specialists in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin are again cooperating to present the 12th annual Driftless Region Beef Conference at the Grand River Convention Center in Dubuque, Iowa. Select from 8 different workshop topics to develop a customized program. Visit with the many conference sponsors and with fellow beef producers from the region. This is an informative and enjoyable event you won’t want to miss.

“Jumping Worm” – Amynthas spp.

Amynthas species, invasive earthworms from temperate regions of Asia, were found in limited areas near the Visitor Center in fall 2013. Commonly called “jumping worms” or “crazy worms,” Amynthas have since been found elsewhere in Wisconsin, primarily in urban areas. What can you do and how to identify them are topics addressed in this article.

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