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Office Staff, Procedures, and Contact Information

Due to the Safer at Home Order put out by the Governor, our staffing, hours, and procedures have changed to follow the latest information available. Please check back frequently as this will be updated and changed to reflect the latest information provided. Please read for more information.


4-H Discovery Day!

Do you like to learn new things? Ask questions? Want to get a taste of what 4-H is all about? Join us for a 4-H Discovery Day! There are three break out sessions to learn a little about things that interest you! Be brave, come Discover what 4-H is all about!


Farm Couples Weekends

Farming couples: Do you have stress? Would you like to learn techniques to manage it? Improve communication? Learn some exercises for decision making and goal setting? A Farm Couples Workshop is available to help in all those areas. Multiple dates and locations are scheduled.


Cultivating Your Farm’s Future

What are the future plans for your farm? Have you talked about them recently? Thought about them? Join us for a workshop that will help you figure some things out about your farm’s future plans.

A family sitting on the couch cuddled together reading a book.

Raising a Thinking Child classes are available!

Do you want your child to succeed in school, make friends, and treat others with respect? “Raising a Thinking Child” helps you teach young children how to solve problems and resolve daily conflicts. Join us for classes on Thursday afternoons!


WI Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certification Training

BQA In-Person Training is being offered on two different dates. The voluntary Beef Quality Assurance Program assists in raising, feeding and harvesting high quality beef. By participating in BQA and adopting BQA production practices, you are helping to answer the call from the packers’ consumers, for safe beef raised in a humane manner. Read inside for more details on the training days.