“What Does Extension Do?”

Vacant – Agriculture Agent

What is Extension Agriculture Programming?

This is an educational program within Division of Extension.  Agriculture programming is the application of scientific research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer and land owner education.

What does Extension Agriculture Teach?

  • Dairy Modernization
  • Livestock Husbandry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Pasture Management & Grazing
  • Farm Budgeting and Planning
  • Agricultural Lease Agreements
  • Soils & Crop Management
  • Rural Lifestyle & Small Farms
  • Swine Team

Where does Agriculture education occur in Richland County?

  • On Farms
  • Field Days
  • Extension Office
  • Newsletters
  • On-Line

For more information about Agriculture, contact the Extension Richland County office, 647-6148.

Karleen Craddock

Karleen Craddock – 4-H Program Coordinator

What is 4-H Youth Development Programming?

Division of Extension 4-H Youth Development integrates research, education, and community-based partnerships, enabling youth to learn and practice skills to be productive citizens.  4-H youth development gives young people the opportunity to learn new skills, explore various projects, gain self-confidence and contribute to their communities.

What types of education does 4-H Youth Development Provide?

  • 4-H Community Club Programs
  • Project Exploration (e.g. photography, STEM, gardening, shooting sports, cooking, art, dairy, rabbits, natural resources, and more!)
  • 4-H After-school Programming
  • Community and School Programs

Where does 4-H Youth Development education occur in Richland County?

  • Local Community 4-H Clubs
  • Community Groups
  • Schools
  • 4-H Camp
  • State & National 4-H Programs
  • International Exchange Programs

For more information about 4-H Youth Development, contact Karleen Craddock at the Extension Richland County Office, 647-6148, or by email: karleen.craddock@wisc.edu.

Vacant – Human Development & Relationships Educator

What are Human Development & Relationships Programs?

The Extension Institute of Human Development & Relationships provides the tools Wisconsinites need to thrive as well-rounded, capable individuals and families.

What types of education does Human Development & Relationships Programs provide?

Health & Human Development:

  • Partnership with Richland FIT to improve wellness opportunities for youth & adults.
  • Parenting and family/youth support education, including Raising a Thinking Child.
  • Service to the Richland County Children and Family Advocacy Council on the prevention of substance abuse and child abuse/neglect.
  • Leadership coaching and process improvement for community and behavioral health networks.

Family Financial Management:

  • Individual financial counseling and coaching. Presentations, and programs on general financial management concepts.
  • Community and statewide education on the importance of saving for higher education.
  • Rent Smart and homelessness prevention.

 Food Preservation and Safety:

  • Workshops and information on home canning and pressure canner gauge testing.

For more information about Human Development & Relationships Programs, contact the Extension Richland County Office, 647-6148.

Sheena Cook-Fuglsang – FoodWIse Coordinator
(serving Crawford, Richland & Vernon Counties)

Vacant – FoodWIse Educator
(serving Richland & Vernon Counties)

What is the FoodWIse?

FoodWIse is federally funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) and serves Wisconsin residents with limited incomes.  FoodWIse seeks to empower Wisconsin residents with limited incomes to make healthy choices to achieve healthy lives and reduce health disparities.

FoodWIse lessons…

  • Teach parents how to plan and prepare healthy meals.
  • Expose children to new fruits and vegetables and why they are important.
  • Support communities in making the healthy choice, the easy choice where people live, learn, work, and play.

Where does nutrition education occur in Richland County?

  • Elementary schools
  • Head Start
  • Senior housing
  • Public Health Department
  • Food pantries
  • Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program
  • Newsletters

For more information about FoodWIse, contact Sheena Cook-Fuglsang at the Extension Richland County Office, 608-647-6148, or by email: sheena.cookfuglsang@wisc.edu.

Adam HadyArea Extension Director
(serving Crawford, La Crosse, Monroe, Richland & Vernon Counties)

Area Extension Directors serve as program administrators and supervisors for area faculty and staff.  Working to ensure that the educational needs of local communities are met.  Providing leadership in program coordination, staff development, financial management and partnerships.

Richland County Support Staff

Sandy Campbell – Administrative Secretary – sandra.campbell@wisc.edu

Jennie Silver – Clerical Assistant II – jennie.silver@wisc.edu

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