FoodShare Benefits can be used at the Richland Area Farmers’ Market

Richland Area Farmers’ Market – Use your FoodShare benefits here!

1: Info Booth: Visit the RAFM information table and inform operator how many SNAP dollars you would like to spend at the market.

2: Obtain Paper Currency: Operator processes your QUEST EBT card and issues paper currency, which can only be redeemed at RAFM.

3: Vendors: Bring your paper currency to vendors who offer SNAP-eligible items.  *See list below

4: Buy Fresh: Redeem paper currency to buy SNAP-eligible items.*  Note: Vendors do not issue cash exchange. Please spend exact or close to exact amount of currency.



*SNAP-eligible items: Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, seed and plants that produce food.
NON SNAP-eligible: Food products prepared for immediate consumption, vitamins/medicines, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and nonfood items.

Learn more about using your benefits at the market and find healthy recipes and tips at:


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