Richland County Meat Animal Sale Committee

Chair: Mike Huffar (Beef)
Vice Chair: Chad Imhoff (Swine)
Secretary/ Treasurer: Earl Wallace (Swine)
Board Members: Kenny Anderson (Beef), Steve Banker (Sheep/Goats), Gretchen Kanable (Sheep/Goats),
                                   Pete Mathews (Beef), Rachel Turgasen (Poultry), Tim Woodman (Rabbits)
Alternates: Jennifer Biba (Poultry), Theron Gobin (Rabbits), Aaron Nelson (Swine),
                        Bill Tracy (Sheep/Goats), Dustin Wanless (Beef)
Advisor:  Karleen Craddock, Extension 4-H Educator

Important Dates:
January (Last Saturday) – Beef Weigh-in #1
February (First Saturday) – Beef Weigh-in #2, Last day to identify market animals
May 15 – Swine Identification Deadline
June 15 – Sheep/Goat Identification Deadline
July 15 – NEW–Meat Animal Sale forms due
July 15 – Education Reports due
July 15 – YQCA certificates due (required for pig exhibitors)
July 15 – Rabbit ID Deadline (Roasters & Breed Classes)
August 1 – Fair Entry Deadline (
August 15 – Rabbit ID Deadline (Fryers & Pen of Three)
August 15 – MAS Buyers Cards due

General Requirements for Meat Animal Sale:

  • Exhibitors must own the animal that he/she is going to sell.
  • Exhibitors must participate in the showmanship class of his/her species.
  • Exhibitor must be a member of the respective species organization.
  • Participants are only allowed to sell one animal or lot.
  • All sellers must complete the Education/Quality Assurance requirements set by each species group.

Questions about the Meat Animal Sale:  Contact Mike Huffar, MAS president at

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