Weed Seed Movement via Combines

Crop harvest is here and that means it’s time to be thinking about weed seedbank management. Over the last few weeks we have observed fields throughout Wisconsin with a fair amount of weed escapes. Our UW-Madison Division of Extension Weed Science Group offers the information within the article for consideration.

Tree and Shrub Problems

It’s fall time. It’s time to plant trees! Here are a few things you should know to plant and care the right way for your new trees. A few do’s and a few don’ts to help you along the way to a long lasting tree.

Wasp Nests… It’s that time of the year!

Wasps have once again made their appearance and their presence known, whether it be in a tree, a hole in the ground, or inside a building. You may have the questions of: what to do, what is effective, and what won’t work. Read for more information and explanation of what would or should be the best course of action.

Extension Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Extension Richland County is committed to serving and working with all residents of our community. We support the work of UW-Madison Division of Extension to further diversity and inclusion, and Richland County institutions who are working to end discrimination & racism.

Getting Ready for Corn Silage Harvest

Harvesting corn silage and packing it away can be a tricky balancing act. Many different factors come into play. Moisture, air, timing, etc. In this article are some tips to help figure out the right amounts needed to pack away your corn silage.

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