Creating Safe Play Areas on Farms

What does your play area on the farm look like? Is there a clear line between the play area and the busy farm areas? What do you look for? Large equipment and livestock, coupled with a child’s curiosity, can lead to a tragic incident. Therefore, it is important to create a play area for children that is both fun and safe with a physical barrier separating it from the busy, active workplace of the farm. All these questions and more are answered by Jana Davidson, Education Content Specialist, Progressive Agriculture Foundation.

Weed Seed Movement via Combines

Crop harvest is here and that means it’s time to be thinking about weed seedbank management. Over the last few weeks we have observed fields throughout Wisconsin with a fair amount of weed escapes. Our UW-Madison Division of Extension Weed Science Group offers the information within the article for consideration.

Tree and Shrub Problems

It’s fall time. It’s time to plant trees! Here are a few things you should know to plant and care the right way for your new trees. A few do’s and a few don’ts to help you along the way to a long lasting tree.

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