WI Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certification Training

BQA In-Person Training is being offered on two different dates. The voluntary Beef Quality Assurance Program assists in raising, feeding and harvesting high quality beef. By participating in BQA and adopting BQA production practices, you are helping to answer the call from the packers’ consumers, for safe beef raised in a humane manner. Read inside for more details on the training days.


What is Roundup for Lawns?

New products come out all the time. But what about well known or familiarly named products just in a new version? Have you heard about Roundup for Lawns? But you have heard about Roundup for weeds. So what is the difference?

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Richland County Resource Directory

The Richland County Resource Directory is a great tool to find resources that are very helpful to the Richland County area. In the directory you will find information to assist you in Child Care Assistance, Employment, Housing Assistance, and Emergency Assistance just to name a few.