Got Plant Problems? Learn plat diagnostics online!

Plant Diagnostics: The Step-by-Step Approach to Identifying Plant Problems is a new online course offered by the UW-Madison Division of Extension Horticulture Program. The course is designed for gardeners who are looking for troubleshooting skills for the problems that arise. This is a twelve-week online course that runs from February 1 – April 30, 2023.


Flu Season is here! Now is the time to get your shot!

Ensuring that everyone in Wisconsin gets a flu vaccination (also called flu shot, or flu immunization) this year is more important than ever. Influenza causes many hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S. each year. The flu vaccine is strongly recommended for everyone older than 6 months. Please read for more information on when and where to get your flu shot.


Extension Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Extension Richland County is committed to serving and working with all residents of our community. We support the work of UW-Madison Division of Extension to further diversity and inclusion, and Richland County institutions who are working to end discrimination & racism.


Office Staff, Procedures, and Contact Information

Due to the Safer at Home Order put out by the Governor, our staffing, hours, and procedures have changed to follow the latest information available. Please check back frequently as this will be updated and changed to reflect the latest information provided. Please read for more information.

A crockpot filled with beef stew.

Freezer and Crock Pot Meals: The Basics

Time runs away from all of us at some point. Is it meal time and you are struggling to remember what you have in your house to fix? Do you have this to go with that? Is there enough of that to make this? A one night class with our Family Living Agent, Chelsea Wunnicke, on Freezer and Crock Pot Meals: The Basics helps to take the panic out of dinner time.

A well stocked pantry with several shelves filled with items.

Boost the Value of Your Food Drive Donations!

Food drives are an important part of helping out the community. The items being donated are always appreciated. But how can we make sure we are giving items that are safe? And high quality? There are some tips and guidelines to follow that will make the most of your donated items.