4-H Discovery Day 2023!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Wallace Student Center, UW Platteville – Richland Campus

Open to students in 5K-12th grade

Parents/guardians are welcome, but not required, to stay during the event.

4-H Discovery Day Brochure 2023

Discovery Day Schedule:
8:45 – Check-In, Student Center
9:00 – Welcome, Student Center
9:15-10:05 – Session One
10:10-11:00 – Session Two
11:00-11:05 – Snack
11:05-11:55 – Session Three
12:00 – Wrap-up, Student Center

Cost: $10.00 per child.  Includes all class supplies.
Maximum cost per family = $30.00
Sign-up early.  Class sizes are limited.
Register by: February 13, 2023


Choose from 25 exciting classes!
Youth in 3rd-12th grade attend three sessions.
Select your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice for each session.
Choose from the following:

Grow a Small Garden in Your Home!
Would you like to make a tiny terrarium? Enjoy your own miniature garden in your home.

Unlock the Mystery
If you like to play with your food, you will love these science experiments!  Invent a scientific squirt gun, create milk bubbles, make milk fireworks as you uncover the mysteries of milk.

A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian
Imagine the many tools hidden in a veterinarian’s truck.  What will they need when they arrive at the farm? Learn about the equipment they bring with them to keep animals healthy and happy.

Krumkake – An International Cooking Class
Krumkake?  Cookie, YAY!  Come join us to learn how to make a traditional Norwegian cookie with a hint of history as well.

Follow the Tracks
Identify animal tracks; make plaster castings of wildlife tracks; make a turkey call, and learn about the food chain.  Find out about the Wildlife & Forestry Art Contest and more!

Hop on Over…
Mini Rex?  Californian?  These are a couple of the types of rabbits that will be hopping around during this session as you learn about how to care for rabbits and other small pets.

Get creative!  Bring out the artist in you. If you like drawing and painting, you won’t want to miss this class!

Let’s Play Ball! 
Are you tired of winter?  Ready for a game of (indoor) softball?  Join us to work on a few basic skills, then have fun playing a game in the gym!  We will use a soft foam ball and plastic bat, no need to bring your softball glove.


Legos in Motion
Make LEGOs come to life using stop motion animation! You will take a series of LEGOs photographs and turn it into a video using a free software.  Join us to learn how you can create your own LEGO story!  Bring a phone with a camera.

Lefse – An International Cooking Class
Lefse (pronounced lef-sa) is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread.  It is Norway’s version of a Mexican tortilla made with flour and potatoes instead of corn.

Glass can be Art…. And a Puzzle
What can you do with colored glass, glue and grout?  Design your own mosaic!  Make a decoration of any color and design you want.

Animal Therapy
Animals can play very important roles assisting people with disabilities and with therapeutic activities.  Meet a few therapy animals from Tiny Acres Farm. Learn about how they help people.

Sew What?!?
Learn basic sewing techniques like sewing a straight stitch using a sewing machine as you make a kitchen towel accessory out of a hand towel and oven pad.

Backyard Birds
Are you a backyard bird watcher?  Join us to make your own bird feeders and learn a few fun facts about your favorite feathered friends!

“FOCUS” on Photography
Do you want to take great photos? Bring your camera or phone – be ready for learning, creativity, and fun!

Discover What’s Hiding Inside Your Body
Did you know over 70% of medical diagnoses are based on lab results?  Get a behind the scenes look at what happens in a medical lab.


American Sign Language
Learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) including the alphabet and a few everyday signs.

Have Fun with STEM!
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activities can be a lot of fun!  Challenge yourself!  Work with your peers!  Develop your problem-solving skills and creativity!

Let’s Make Pies
Pies are fun to make!  And you will learn how to make a quick and easy pie for the whole family to enjoy!

Smoke doesn’t always mean Fire, Sometimes it’s just “Woodburning” (5th Grade & up)
Discover the basics of design and beginner woodburning techniques.  You will select a pattern, apply it to your wood, then watch it come to life as you create your masterpiece

Do You Like Dogs?
Learn a few simple tricks you can teach your dog (or your friend’s dog)!  Doing basic training with your dog can improve their house manners and be fun for both of you.

Explore the Outdoors
Be a Bee–Learn how bees pollinate plants; make a turkey call; identify wildlife pelts; create a wildlife puzzle.  Learn about the Wildlife & Forestry Art Contest and more!

Goin’ Fishin’–Making Fishing Lures
Interested in fishing? Try your hand at making your own fishing lures! Learn about the supplies you need and how different materials can attract fish.

Ribbon Wreaths
Decorate your room with a wreath made from ribbons!  Wreaths make great gifts too.


Youth in Kindergarten(5K)-2nd Grade!  “FUN”tastic Food – 9:00 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.
This is one day you can play with your food!
Join us for delicious art, yummy science, and all around fun with your food!
Parents: Please list allergies on  sign-up form.


PARENTS are welcome, but not required, to stay during the event.  There is a parent lounge in the Wallace Student Center with WiFi, comfortable chairs and coffee.

What is 4-H?  (9:15-9:45 a.m.)  Have you ever wondered “What is 4-H?”  Join us for coffee and conversation about opportunities for your child through Richland County 4-H.
Presenter: Stephanie Joyce, 4-H Volunteer

Activities for Early Elementary Students (11:40-11:55)  Are you looking for hands-on educational activities for a child in Kindergarten-2nd Grade?  Check out the 4-H Cloverbud curriculum that includes 100’s of ideas–from Science and Technology, The Environment, Personal Development, The Arts, and MUCH More! This session is for parents, teachers and 4-H volunteers who work with 4-H’ers in Kindergarten-2nd grade.


Sponsored by Richland County 4-H

Questions about Discovery Day? 
Call the Richland County Extension Office at 608-647-6148 or email: karleen.craddock@wisc.edu