Nutrient and Pest Management Program Resource Highlights – December 2021

Virtual Nutrient Management Training for Farmers

In light of challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents to traditional delivery formats, the NPM Program is again offering free, virtual nutrient management training sessions. Farmers and others interested in writing their own nutrient management plans can register to attend one of four workshops at Please register at least three days in advance of the workshop you wish to attend. A brochure containing the agenda and additional information about the workshops can be found here.

Answers to Your Nutrient Management Planning Questions

The NPM Program staff is available with free telephone assistance to answer questions people may have about their nutrient management plans. This includes questions on the SnapPlus software program or any other aspect of nutrient management plan preparation. The weekly staffing schedule and phone numbers for this service can be found here.

Publication: Grain Management Considerationsin Low-Margin Years 

As the 2021 growing season ends, thoughts turn to plans and purchases for 2022. With cost and availability of agricultural inputs on everyone’s mind, we thought it would be an appropriate time to remind you of a publication assembled by several CALS and UWEX specialists on management considerations for grain production in economically stressed times. First released in 2017 in response to severely depressed commodity prices, this four-page publication has value again today as producers seek to make informed decisions about the next growing season. Download and read Grain Management Considerations in Low-Margin Years by clicking here.