Nutrient and Pest Management Program Resource Highlights Newsletter

 White Mold on Soybean

Join UW-Madison & Extension Field Crops Pathologist Damon Smith and NPM Program Southwest Regional Specialist Daniel Smith for a conversation about white mold infestation in soybean during 2021. Effective, and ineffective, white mold control strategies for this time of the year are discussed – including the importance of combine cleaning to reduce the spread of disease . . . and weeds. View the video here.

A video on combine cleaning can be found here. A publication containing tips for reducing the spread of disease and weeds via harvest equipment is available here.


 Tar Spot on Corn

Another Bumper Crops discussion between Damon and Daniel includes an overview of corn disease progression at this stage of the growing season. Management of tar spot in corn silage is the primary focus of the conversation. The video can be viewed here.

The Tar Spotter mobile application can assist growers with making management decisions for controlling this corn fungal disease. Download it here for iPhone or here for Android. A video that guides users through the use of the Tar Spotter app as well as interpretation of the model’s results is available here.

Planting Winter Rye after Corn Silage: Managing for Forage

Winter rye can be used as a cover crop following corn silage to protect against soil erosion and improve soil health. Planting Winter Rye after Corn Silage: Managing for Forage is a four-page publication outlining the factors affecting rye forage production, nutrient management implications, and other considerations when using rye as part of cover crop/forage system. To view or download this publication, click here.