Day Neutral Strawberry Production Systems

Alternative Berry Production Systems Webinar Series

Hosted by UW-Madison Extension & University of Minnesota Extension


Day Neutral Strawberry Production Systems

Unlike other fruit crops, day neutral strawberries are grown as an annual and harvested throughout the season, from July to October.  They are typically grown under low tunnels or high tunnels, but can also be grown under caterpillar tunnels and in waist-height “table top” systems.

Attend this webinar to decide if this alternative berry crop is right for your operation, and learn how to choose between the various systems that day neutral strawberries can be grown in.

Speakers: Annie Klodd, Steve Poppe, and Kate Fessler, University of Minnesota.

Homework: In preparation for this webinar, and to enable a more in-depth, focused discussion, please prepare for this meeting by watching a recording of a May 2020 webinar that gave a very preliminary overview of day neutrals:

Growing Organic Day Neutral Strawberries for Market

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