COVID-19: Don’t Mask Your Emotions, Understand Them

Join us October 2, 2020, at 12 noon!Roger Reynolds

As members of the Southwest Wisconsin Behavioral Health Partnership work with friends and neighbors across five counties to reduce stigma, and promote systems that support mental wellbeing, it is a challenge to adapt to the need for social distancing and suspended in-person groups.  Opportunities for internet-based and phone-in gatherings can help fill the void, if they are led in a way that promotes connection.

Sponsored by the SW WI Behavioral Health Partnership and Extension Richland County is “COVID-19: Don’t Mask Your Emotions, Understand Them,” by Roger Reynolds, an online workshop that successfully connects us around our experiences through widespread outside influences, like the Coronavirus pandemic, and how this affects our day-to-day lives.  The workshop normalizes our experiences of uncertainty, added stress and anxiety, and loss of connection.  In addition, we may have witnessed or experienced some very different (even opposite) viewpoints from our own, and some not so civil ways of dealing with them.

Roger Reynolds grew up on a dairy farm in Crawford County and has lived in Southwestern Wisconsin most of his life. He has been a sustainable gardening educator for more than 10 years, plus organizing and leading various nature based educational events. Roger is now taking his presentation skills into the mental health arena and “Don’t Mask Your Emotions” has been successfully offered in several SW WI counties over the past few months.

According to Reynolds, this workshop is for anyone who wants to slow down and gain a better understanding of their emotions and ways they can deal with the present reality: “Rarely do we stop and take stock of what we are really experiencing, and how much stronger we can feel when we know we are not alone.  This workshop provides us with an opportunity to think about how these situations are impacting our emotions of which we may not be aware.  We can be more clear and value-centered in how we approach situations, both internally (within ourselves) and externally.”

The live workshop on October 2nd at 12 noon is FREE and open to anyone,

but registration to receive the link and phone number are required.

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If you have any questions or want to register over the phone, please contact Bridget at 608-341-6608.