WI’s Cover Crops: Data Collection Project

Building Knowledge about Wisconsin’s Cover Crops: A data collection project

A group of UW-Madison researchers, and outreach specialists are looking for some good farm data to help build better knowledge about cover crops in Wisconsin. The group would like to work with you to help advance cover cropping in Wisconsin. They have developed a very simple survey and data collection protocol to improve cover crop recommendations and use in Wisconsin.

This data is needed to better understand the cover crops that work best in Wisconsin, along with establishment timing, and potential benefits received from these cover crops. This data will help improve cover crop data in SnapPlus (SnapPlus is a nutrient management planning software program).

Following is an outline of the procedure for participating in this project.

  • This survey will be conducted so participants will remain anonymous. No participant information will be used when sharing the survey results. If, after reading through the process, you are interested in participating in this project, please complete the registration form at this link: https://tinyurl.com/y2lwmo38 by September 1, 2020.
  • After you have signed up, you will receive a link to the actual data collection survey, and a link to a video with directions on competing survey.
  • After completing the initial survey participants will receive directions on how to submit photos of the cover crop at seeding, two weeks following seeding, and four weeks following seeding.
  • Participants will also receive directions and an envelope to collect and submit an optional biomass sample.
  • Participants will receive data report with you during 2020-2021 winter.
  • Wisconsin producers that fill out the entire survey and provide photos of the field at seeding, two weeks following seeding, and four weeks following seeding will receive $25. An additional $75.00 will be provided to producers who submit the optional biomass sample (sampling envelope and postage will be provided). Total incentive $100 for about an hour of time.

For more information contact: Daniel H. Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison & Extension Southwest Regional Outreach Specialist for the Nutrient and Pest Management (NPM) Program, email: dhsmith@wisc.edu