4-H Discovery Day!

A fun, hands-on workshop for kids!

Discover what 4-H has to offer…. Science…  Wildlife… Art…
Photography… Horses… First Aid… Dogs…. Sewing… Drama…
International Programs… Geocaching… and MORE!

When: Saturday, February 22, 2020
Time: 8:45 a.m. — 12:15 p.m.
Location: UW Platteville – Richland Campus
Cost: $5.00 per person. Maximum of $20.00 per family.
Register by: February 14
Sign-up early–Class sizes are limited.

4-H Discovery Day Registration Form 2020

8:45 –  Check-In, UWP – Richland, Wallace Student Center
9:00 –  Welcome, Student Center
9:15-10:05 –  Session One
10:10-11:00 –  Session Two
11:05-11:55 –  Session Three
12:00-12:15 –  Evaluation & Door Prizes, Student Center


Sharpen Your Science Savvy with Food Science    (4-H STEM Project)       Limit 20
Which makes better bubbles—Skim milk or whole milk?  How do you know it, show it, test it?  Be a scientist!  Sharpen your skills in exploring and testing your ideas through experiments.
Presenter: UW-Madison BioTrek Program                       Youth Leader: Mason Meyer

Wildlife in your Backyard or Back 40  (4-H Wildlife Project)    Limit 15 (Grades 5 & up)
Forest, Prairie, Wetlands, Urban: Where does wildlife live?  Identify plaster tracks by making one of your own.
Presenters: Norb & Barb Yogerst             Youth Leaders: Carson Welte & Logan Felton

Love Dogs?  (4-H Dog Project)                                                 Limit 8
Want to learn about activities and sports to do with your dog? During this session you will learn about fun things you can teach your dog and how to make training fun for you and your dog.
Presenters: Kristina Weld                 Youth Leaders: Landon Layer & Scarlett McCarthy

Babysitting  (4-H Childcare Project)                                      Limit 15
Be prepared for babysitting jobs by learning basic skills for caring for kids.  You will also learn fun activities to do with children when you are babysitting.
Presenters: Wendy Layer                    Youth Leaders: Megan Meyer & Lucy Joyce

Food, Fun and Fitness    (4-H Foods & Nutrition Project)        Limit 15
Be a food detective!  You will also play active games and make a tasty (and healthy) snack with the 4-H Teen Teachers for the Food, Fun and Fitness program.
Presenters:Aaron Spencer, Kari Craddock & Anna Berner  Assisted by:Kathryn Berner

Bath Bombs Away!   (4-H Cultural Arts Project)                  Limit 15
Have fun learning how to make your own bath bombs with easy to find ingredients.  You will be able to add your own scents and take it home to enjoy and relax!
Presenters: Gretchen Kanable                            Youth Leader: Bryndalyn Kanable

Glass Etching   (4-H Cultural Arts Project)                  Limit 15
Learn how to etch glass.  It’s not what it sounds like.  Sign up for this session to discover the art of glass etching!  All supplies are provided.
Presenters: Sandy Layer                                      Youth Leader: Kristen Halink


Travel the World     (4-H International Program)              Limit 20
Experience cultures from around the world through games and crafts taught by exchange students.  You will also learn about 4-H hosting and travel opportunities.
Presenters: Exchange Students                          Youth Leaders: Bryndalyn Kanable & Maggey Edwards

Alien Blood       (4-H STEM Project)                             Limit 15    (Grades 5 & Up)
Put your detective skills to work!  Test the differences between Alien Blood from four suspects against a sample from the scene of the crime.  You do the electrophoresis.
Presenter: UW-Madison BioTrek Program                               Youth Leader: Mason Meyer

Furs, Skulls, Scat and Tracks     (4-H Wildlife Project)                        Limit 15 (Grades 3-5)
Learn to identify animals by their fur, skulls, scat and tracks.  Make plaster tracks and match a track to pelts, skull, scat, food and habitat.
Presenters: Norb & Barb Yogerst                   Youth Leaders: Carson Welte & Logan Felton

Stampin’ Camp    (4-H Cultural Arts Project)                  Limit 15
Make cards using a variety of cardstocks, inks, embellishments and card making tools.
Presenter:  Priscilla Williams                                     Youth Leaders:  Becca Cooper

The Star of the Show          (4-H Performing Arts Project)          Limit 15
Do you like the spotlight?  Or perhaps you prefer to be behind the scenes? Learn about “show business” as you participate in fun, drama activities!
Presenter:  Sarah Wallace             Youth Leaders:  Megan Meyer and Mckenna Layer

High-Tech Treasure Hunting      (4-H Geocaching Project)            Limit 12
Equipped with GPS devises, you will locate containers, called geocaches, hidden outdoors and log your finds.  Dress appropriately to be outdoors.
Presenter: Marilyn Peckham                   Youth Leader: Brady Joyce

First Aid with a Paramedic—DOUBLE SESSION               (4-H Health Project)   Grades 5 & Up
Learn all about First Aid!  You’ll get to tour an ambulance and learn how to do CPR.
Presenters: Lori Post, Cody Layer and Amber Morris        Youth Leader: Kristen Halink

Love Dogs?  – Repeat of Session One class      (4-H Dog Project)                 Limit 8


Doing DNA: The Code of Life          (4-H STEM Project)             Limit 20
Extract DNA from wheat germ, explore how DNA is a lot like the English alphabet (but with only 4 letters rather than 26), make a model of code carrying DNA to take home.
Presenter: UW-Madison BioTrek Program                         Youth Leader: Mason Meyer
Bring the Night Sky into your Day!                                                   Limit 20
As you enter the inflatable Starlab planetarium, you will experience the moon and the stars…possibly even a comet or the Northern Lights.  Seeing Stars makes exploring the night sky easy and fun!
Presenters: Paul Kinzer, Starlabs                            Youth Leader: Becca Cooper & Brady Joyce

Tile Art     (4-H Visual Arts Project)                                     Limit 15
Get creative and make some colorful, one-of-a-kind creations using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.  Go home with two super cool 4×4 tiles that can be used as coasters or displayed as art!  All supplies are provided.
Presenters:  Tezra Menne                             Youth Leaders:  Olivia Menne & Zoe Woods
Sew Easy Drawstring Bags       (4-H Sewing Project)                          Limit 10
Making a bag is easy!  This is a great project to help you get familiar with the sewing machine.  You will make a fun, usable item that you can take home, gift, or donate to a worthy cause.  All supplies are provided.
Presenters: Gretchen Kanable                            Youth Leader: Bryndalyn Kanable
Fun with Horses   (4-H Horse Project)                                            Limit 20
Whether you own a horse or not, you will enjoy this introductory class as you learn about horses.  You will also discover how you can participate in the 4-H Horse project…even if you do not own a horse.
Presenters: Lacey Swetlik & Kathleen Schoen       Youth Leaders: Mckenna Layer

How to Take a Great Photo     (4-H Photography Project)           Limit 20
Learn the basics of taking great pictures.  We’ll talk about light, subjects and composition.  You can bring your camera or use a phone camera. Find out how to exhibit your photos at the Richland County Fair.
Presenters: BriAna McCauley, Rachel Turgasen      Youth Leader:  Madison Meyer
First Aid with a Paramedic—DOUBLE SESSION               Must sign-up for both classes.

SPECIAL SESSION — For Youth in 5K-2nd Grade               Limit 20
You will meet new friends, participate in hands-on activities and create fun projects!  This 4-H Cloverbuds session is an age-appropriate program focusing on fun, non-competitive, safe activities meant to engage youth and create new friendships.


If you have any questions about 4-H or Discovery Day, please feel free to contact the Extension Richland County Office at 608-647-6148.