2018 Badger Swine Symposium!

This year the symposium is featuring research and science that is being done here in Wisconsin at UW-Madison.  The morning will kick off with an update on the swine health rule implemented by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection this year.  Following the update will be presentations on current research from professors and graduate students on many topics including: heat stress infertility in boars, gene editing in pigs, the role of calcium in milk fever & uterine prolapses of sows, using big data, and feed mill manufacturing quality control.  For the full agenda, click agenda below.

UW-Madison has some unique capacity to complete biomedical research on pigs at the Swine Research & Teaching Center.  While the symposium is focusing on the farm production side of things, there will be folks around that can chat with you about some highlights of the biomedical research topics if you are interested.

2018 Badger Swine Symposium Website

What:  Badger Swine Symposium
Where:   Arlington Agriculture Research Station, Public Events Building
Address:   N695 Hopkins Rd, Arlington, WI 53911
When:   Friday, November 9
Cost:   FREE to attend.
  Lunch is included.  (financial support provided by Pork Check-Off funds)
Pre-Registration deadline:
   November 2, 2018

9:30 am — Registration
10:00 am — Welcome & Introductions
10:15 am — Swine health rule update, Julie McGwin, DVM, Veterinarian Specialist, Senior/Program Manager, DATCP
10:45 am — Heat Stress and boar infertility, John Parrish, Professor, Dept. of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
11:30 am — CRISPR gene edited pigs: applications and explanations for the swine industry, Dhanu Shanmuganayagam, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
12:00 pm — lunch
Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Program: Opportunities on the horizon for the swine industry, Dan Schaefer, Professor, Dept. of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
12:40 pm — Roles of dietary Ca in milk fever and uterine prolapses in sows, Mariola Grez, PhD student, Dept. of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
Using “big data” analysis for establishing management decisions, Guilherme Rosa, Professor, Dept. of Animal Science, UW-Madison
Pig production data analytics, Tiago Passafaro, PhD student, UW-Madison
Computer Vision in Swine Production, Arthur Fernandes, PhD student, UW-Madison
2:30 pm — Feed manufacturing quality control & biosecurity, Jeff Booth, Feed Mill Manager, UW-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station
3:00 pm — Optional feed mill tour & current issues in the swine industry panel, Tom Crenshaw, Professor, Dept. of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison, Jeff Booth, Feed Mill Manager, UW-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Pre-registration can be done a variety of ways.  Please see below. 

2018 Badger Swine Symposium Brochure & Registration Form

RSVP by November 2 to the Wisconsin Pork Association
Online: http://www.wppa.org/badgerswine/
Phone: 1-800-822-7675
Email: wppa@wppa.org

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