ACES to Return for a Full day training on May 11th!

Girl looking back over her shoulderRichland County UW-Extension recently hosted a two-hour ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Interface training at UW-Richland with Peter Daniels as the speaker. Daniels explained how childhood experiences can impact brain development and affect a person’s risk for health and social problems.

ACEs are determined by a questionnaire consisting of ten questions. Participants are asked to recall from their childhood if they had certain experiences (for example: Did you live with anyone who was a problem drinker or alcoholic or who used street drugs?). One of the most powerful activities of the recent training was the opportunity to privately complete the questionnaire to calculate a personal ACE score. The questionnaire was constructed by the ACE study team, who have found that the higher the “ACE score,” the higher the risk for poor health outcomes.

Attributable problems include diseases, poor health, mental health issues, social problems, and early death. There is also a higher risk for domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect. The goal of the Wisconsin ACE Interface is to raise awareness about ACEs and give communities tools to respond.  Communities have the ability to shift the dynamics that can lead to high ACE scores.

This presentation will be more depth within the following topics: the history of the ACE study and its findings; the effect that abuse, trauma, neglect, and family dysfunction has on brain development; and how to build self-healing communities. There will be small and large group discussions along with activities.

What: Full day ACE’s Training
Who: Peter Daniels is returning!
When: May 11, 2018 starting at 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: UW-Richland Pippin Conference Center, Melvill Hall
Cost:  It is FREE to the public.

Lunch can be pre-ordered from the Road Runner Café for $7.00.

Continuing Education credits are also available for a cost of $10.

How: Please register in advance online at UW-Richland ACE Interface Training

This program is being sponsored by Richland County UW-Extension and UW-Richland Continuing Education.

If you have any questions or problems registering, please feel free to call UW-Extension Family Living Agent, Chelsea Wunnicke, at 608-647-6148 for more information.